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Terms and Conditions



The following conditions are accepted by both buyer and seller, House of Famuir Ltd (HOF).

1. Prices in the site are correct at the date of uploading but are subject to alteration without prior notice. The buyer will be held to have satisfied him/herself as to the correct price at the date of ordering.

2. Stock is offered for sale subject to availability. No liability for delay or non-supply or design or colour or price variation is accepted by HOF.

3. The buyer accepts full liability for any damage or loss which may occur after delivery of goods and equipment. HOF will not be liable for any consequential costs or losses, special costs or losses, or exemplary damages, costs or losses, or any damages, costs or losses attributable to lost profits, or opportunities.

4a) The risk in all goods passes to the buyer upon delivery but title in the goods remains vested in HOF. Title passes to the buyer upon full payment being made by the buyer of all sums (due on whatsoever account or grounds) to HOF (and any other company within the same group of companies). In the event of the goods being sold by the buyer in such manner as to pass title to a third party while any such sums as aforesaid are due HOF’s right under this condition shall attach to the proceeds and a buyer shall place such proceeds in a separate account. Nothing herein shall constitute the buyer the agent of the company for the purpose
of any sub-sale.

b) The buyer agrees that prior to the payment of the whole price of the goods HOF may at any time enter upon the buyer’s premises and any other premises where the goods may be and remove the goods there. Prior to such payment the buyer shall keep the goods separate and identifiable for this purpose.

c) In the event of the goods becoming constituents of or being converted into other products while sums are due as provided insub-condition (a) hereof HOF shall have the ownership of title to such other products as if they were the goods and accordingly subcondition (a) hereof shall so far as appropriate apply to such
other products.

5. Dispatch and freight charges apply to all orders at the buyer’s expense. All prices quoted are ex-warehouse. HOF can accept no responsibility for delays in delivery or transport delays.

6. Prompt payment or special discounts may only be taken if payment reaches HOF within the specified time and/or terms.

7. HOF reserve the right to charge interest on all overdue monthly accounts at the same monthly rate then currently charged by Barclaycard (currently 1.5% per month on overdue balances). For dishonoured cheques, a £8 per representation charge will be made each time the cheque needs to be represented.

8. Legal and debt collection costs, in full, will be accepted by the buyer should HOF at any time need to resort to such processes to collect overdue accounts.

9. Any order, whether written or verbal, now or at any time in the future, will be subject to these conditions even if such orders are placed by an employee or agent of the buyer. If the buyer wishes to limit in any way the authority of their agents and employees for any purpose whatsoever, then prior written notice must be
given to HOF. Without such prior notice HOF will not be liable for the actings of any such agent or employee.

10. Claims for shortages or damage in transit cannot be accepted unless advised by telephone, within 48 hours of receipt of goods and then confirmed in writing within 7 days to HOF.

11. Equipment supplied is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from invoice date for parts and labour with the exception of heating elements (wax heaters, etc.),sunbeds, spa pools and saunas, which are guaranteed for 6 months for parts and labour. Parts such as consumables, glasstubes, bulbs, electrodes, perspexplates, etc., are specifically excluded from any guarantee. Original or copy purchase receipt must accompany all claims.

12. Conditions of this guarantee are normally for equipment to be returned to HOF, carriage paid, for repair or replacement at HOF’s discretion. Original purchase invoice numbers and date of purchase must be stated. (Please see REPAIRS.) Under warranty either repair or replacement is totally at HOF’s discretion. In
either case warranty expires 12 months from original purchase date.

13. Any waiver or non-enforcement of these conditions will not alter them for the future or exclude or reduce HOF’s right for eventual enforcement.

14. These conditions are final and no verbal representation by any employee or director of HOF will be deemed to have altered them unless confirmed in writing by a Director of House of Famuir Ltd.

15. Cancellation of orders: a) Prior to delivery - will be accepted only against payment of 10% of the cancelled goods value.
b) After invoicing and dispatch - will be accepted only against the payment of 25% of cancelled goods value plus costs of dispatch and return freight.
c) Non-standard or special order goods cannot be cancelled, payment in full is due after such orders are placed.

16. No responsibility will be accepted by HOF for untrained or unqualified personnel using or mis-using any products or equipment supplied by us. All creams, lotions and oils detailed on this site/catalogue should be patch tested on the clients prior to full application. All retail products should be sold only after patch
tests to determine skin suitability. No product liability or warranty exists without prior patch test being carried out by the therapist or the end user.

17. The buyer accepts the use of the seller’s nominated courier and the courier’s terms and conditions. Disputes arising from delivery will be settled between the buyer and courier.

18. Applicable law: England Contract made in Cambridgeshire.