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Apilus Axis 27.12 MHz Radio Frequency Anti-Ageing Technology

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Radio Frequency

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Axis anti-ageing facial treatments effectively stimulates cells that produce collagen and elastin so the skin regains all its splendour. After only a few treatments, the skin is more radiant, its texture improved, wrinkles are reduced and the areas without tonicity are firmer.

Why Use The 27.12 mhz Radio Frequency
The main advantage of the 27.12 MHz frequency is the ultrafast change from positive to negative polarity, represented by its 27 million cycles per second (Hertz). Since it uses such a high-speed frequency, Axis generates the required energy in less time than other devices in its class, which, in turn, allows it to achieve visible results faster. The 27.12 MHz radio frequency also promotes better absorption of power by the water molecules contained in the skin. In short, at 27.12 MHz, less power output is needed to provide an effective treatment than would be necessary at a slower frequency.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Waves And Synchro Mode
The Axis device emits electromagnetic energy as pulsed waves. Through the unique Synchro mode, current is intersped with periods of thermal relaxation of varying set duration, adapted to the client's sensitivity level. This allows for optimal heat diffusion in the skin tissues, which in turn makes for more efficient and comfortable treatments.

Bipolar Or Monopolar
Axis uses bipolar technology which is simple to use, efficient and safe.

The Axis handpieces are designed to conform to the shape of the face and to target the imperfections and blemishes that need to be treated in a precise manner. Both are also equipped with a sensor that reads the skin's temperature during the treatment. Fine Tip Specific areas Surface Large areas and wrinkles face, neck and neckline


Firming Up
This treatment is specifically designed for sagging skin and helps to tone the face and neck area. Following this treatment, the skin is firmer and the face contour appears more defined.

This treatment is perfect for mature skin. It significantly reduces the wrinkles on the face and neck. The skin then looks smoother and younger.

Radiance/Sensitive Skin
Specifically designed for sensitive, young or lifeless skin, the Radiance/Sensitive Skin treatment is sure to be a hit with your clients. It revitalises the skin and gives it a healthy, radiant glow.

This treatment is the perfect solution for skin imperfections. It reduces the appearance of scars and dilated ostia or pores and helps even out the skin.

This mode allows you to customise treatments according to the specific needs of each customer. The area, treatment settings and type of handpiece are all chosen by the technician.

A Smarter Device
Axis gives you access to intelligent programs aimed at simplifying your life. Simply select the desired treatment, your client's gender, the treatment area and the power level, and Axis will suggest suitable treatment settings. Of course you can override automatic settings at any time, according to the client's specific needs.

Treatments For All Skin Types
Axis enables the technician to monitor and control heat output at all times, so as to safely treat all skins, including the most sensitive. A program has also been created to deal specifically with sensitive skin. Even at a low intensity, radio frequency exposure increases the metabolic demand (ATP) and intensifies the zonal consumption of oxygen, without adverse heat-related effect.

Temperature Sensor
Axis' temperature sensor, which is integrated into the handpieces, allows for the on-screen display in real time of the skin's temperature during treatment. To ensure a safe and comfortable treatment, a maximum temperature threshold can also be set.

Stability Control
Unique to Axis technology, the MP/XCL-25 current control circuit offers extraordinary stability as well as the ability to systematically adjust the intensity of the current according to the impedance and moisture level of the treated area.

Watch-Dog XCL
The Watch-Dog XCL system continuously monitors the control circuit activity in order to immediately interrupt all current outputs in the event of an anomaly. Also, thanks to its powerful dual microprocessor, software activity will never interfere with the treatment.

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