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Overline Lipo Cavitation

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The Overline Lipo Cavitation is an innovative multifunctional body treatment unit which combines three of the most effective therapies in the treatment of cellulite and body re-shaping. There are 6 different types of electric waves that can be combined together, enabling various body programs to be chosen.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides treatment for all body issues
  • 4 Single therapy programs and 3 Ultramix therapy programs
  • Easy to use & immediate results
  • Overall more sculpted & contoured body shape
  • Works on stubborn areas & appearance of fat & cellulite
  • Painless non-surgical alternative to Liposuction

Single Therapy Programs

1 Ultrasound Cavitation
Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses cutting edge ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in targeted parts of the body. The process warms and vibrates fat cell deposits and converts them into liquid that is eliminated through the body's own natural lymphatic filtration system.

2 Electrolipolysis - Cellulite Treatment
Electrolipolysis is an effective inch-loss technique which heats the fat through high temperatures and prompts the body's natural lymphaptic system to drain the fat cells. It involves the application of controlled electrical microcurrents that help drain the areas where fat tends to accumulate, usually on the thighs, buttocks, hips and lower abdomen.

3 Electrosculpting - Toning Treatment
A range of electrical wave length frequencies, which works on all three muscle groups, providing real exercise, toning and reshaping for the body.

4 Draining
Specific electrical wave length frequencies to provide highly specific and efficient lymphatic drainage. This frequency can also be used for relaxation.

Ultramix Therapy Programs

1 Ultrasound Cavitation & Electrolipolysis
Compact Cellulite treatment helps to prevent the build-up and accumulation of serum in the interstitial tissue, leading to a reduction in the separation and disassociation of the adipose cells which would otherwise cause a break-up of the cells themselves. Oedematous Cellulite treatment is used to help solve the problem of the adipose cell leading to a reduction in the problems known as hyperplasia and hypertrophy which are normal defensive actions of the fibres when the oedematous phenomenon persists. Flabby Cellulite treatment is used to help solve the problem of the adipose cell leading to a reduction in the atrophy of the skin, localized sclerosis of the derma with introflections (responsible for the so-called orange peel skin). Adipose Cellulite treatment is used for any stage of cellulite: oedematous, modification of the adipose cell or formation of the micro nodules of the first stage.

2 Ultrasound Cavitation & Electrosculpting
The advantages of the combination of ultrasound/infrared and muscle stimulation derive from the fact that ultrasound has a lipolytic activity. In other words, it moves the fat from inside the adipose cell and transfers it to the blood. Muscle contraction, especially if the red muscle fibres are stimulated, uses the fats to provide the energy to perform the contraction and therefore consumes the fat that would otherwise circulate and accumulate once again. Recommended mainly for widespread, hard and flabby cellulite with muscle hypotonia.

3 Ultrasound Cavitation & Drainage
The ultrasound stimulates the circulation and lymph and the electrical frequencies drain the removed toxins to the lymph nodes. This combination is mainly effective in cellulite with liquid retention, aedematous cellulite, assumption of the contraceptive pill and food intolerance.