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What Is Electrocautery?
29 May 2024

What Is Electrocautery?

Cosmetic Electrocautery is a technique that uses an electric current to apply heat to tissue in order to cut and cauterise simultaneously or coagulating blood vessels around a surgical incision. Also known as; Thermal Cautery, Advanced Electrolysis, Electrocoagulation, Thermocoagulation, Electrofulguration, Red Vein Treatment.

Despite often being a treatment option on electrolysis machines and known as “Advanced Electrolysis”, it is not electrolysis. Read more about our Electrolysis Course and register your interest today. The next available 2-day course is on the 3rd and 4th June 2024.


What’s It For?

In salons, electrocautery is a treatment widely used for the reduction of the appearance of; skin tags, telangiectasia, spider veins, cherry spots, strawberry marks, and more. With a relatively short treatment time, and the potential for fantastic results, clients are choosing electrocautery more and more frequently, and the treatment is growing rapidly in popularity.


Commonly Treated Skin Anomalies


Also known as Spider Veins or Angioectasias, these small, dilated blood vessels are commonly seen around the nose, cheeks, and chin, and can also develop on the legs.

Spider Angiomas

Commonly occurs during pregnancy and in patients with hepatic cirrhosis. Also known as Nevus Araneus or Spider Nevus, these angiomas have a red dot in the centre with “spider” legs reaching out from the centre. They are usually found around the face and neck.

Cherry Angiomas

Cherry red papules containing an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels. They vary in size from just a tenth of a millimetre in diameter to a centimetre or more. Composed of clusters of capillaries forming a papule, these angiomas range in colour from bright red to purple. The larger they are, the thicker, more raised, and more rounded they tend to become. Also known as Blood Spots, Campbell De Morgan Spots, and Senile Angiomas.

Skin Tags

Fibro Epithelial Polyps, Acrochordon, or Skin Tags, are small benign tumours found on the surface of the skin and vary in size. Raised skin tags with a flash stalk, called a peduncle, are suitable for treatment by electrocauterization.


Often found in the under-eye area, these small, hard keratinous nodules form under the epidermis in the upper papillary dermis.



There are three ways to treat these skin concerns. Rapid thermolysis, slow thermolysis, or the thermocoagulation systems specifically designed for the treatment of vascular blemishes and skin tags – found on the Apilus Angie 13.56MHz and the Apilus Eclipsia 27MHz. Treatment times vary but should never exceed 20 minutes in total. Some anomalies require more than one treatment. 3 weeks should be left between treatments to give the skin time to reconstruct and blood circulation to take a different path.



Dramatic results can be achieved with electrocautery.

BeautyEditorUK on instagram electrocautery results


Here, you can see some great results from an attendee of our Electrocautery Training Course. 

“Absolutely blown away by the training I received from hof in ‘Cosmetic Electro Cautery’”

Katie’s award-winning salon the BEAUTY EDITOR offers advanced non-surgical treatments. This includes electrocautery treatments for thread vein removal, as well as laser treatments for pigmentation and hair removal.

As you can see, Katie and her team have been achieving amazing results. See more from Katie at @beautyeditoruk on instagram.




How Can I Learn More?

HOF offers education sessions on electrocautery, microneedling, and electrolysis. Find out more about our Electrocautery Course here or get in touch to register your interest to be the first to find out about new course dates. For June 2024 we currently have a 2-day course available on the 3rd and 4th, fill in our contact form or give us a call today to register.