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What is Anesi's Urban Defence Range?
15 Apr 2024

What is Anesi's Urban Defence Range?

This range specifically targets environmental skin damage and provides pollution protection. A fantastic option for city residents and commuters to keep the skin healthy, hydrated, young, and the at-home skincare options provide daily protection.


Anesi Urban Blue Defence Serum 30ml

A lightweight protective serum that shields the skin from damaging environmental pollution and PM 2.5 particles. Hyaluronic acid and plant oils help to repair the skin and restore healthy hydration. To be applied morning and night and followed with the Urban Protection Cream.

Key Ingredients

  • Cranberry seed oil - is rich in antioxidants to repair and protect against photo damage. 
  •  Microalgae blend to protect the skin from inner stress which cause premature damaging. 
  • Baycusan®: Forms a protective barrier to block PM 2.5 and absorption of pollutants.
  • Hazelnut, Rice Seed & Resin from Copaiba Tree. Reduces inflammation and nourishes. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Nature’s moisture magnet to hydrate & skin plumping



Anesi Urban Protection Cream 50ml

This triple-protecting anti-pollution cream protects the skin from pollution, harmful UV rays, and environmental pollutants. Not only does it protect from external factors but also HEV light, including emissions from digital displays, electronics, and LED lighting. With SPF20 this cream is ideal for anyone living in busy urban and city areas.

These skincare products are the perfect upsell following an Anesi Lab facial. Convenient sizes for your customers to keep with them for regular use.

Key Ingredients

  • Blumilight™: Theobroma Cocoa Seed extract resists the stress caused by Blue Light, limiting the visible effects of HEV radiation on the skin.
  • Hydrosoluble extract of ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley protects skin from free radical damage & pollutants such as heavy metals and gases.
  • Protective barrier against particles, allergens and irritants.



Anesi Lab Stockists can now get their hands on the Anesi Blue Defence Treatment Kit!

This pollution detox treatment moisturises, restores and revitalises skin while shielding it against exposure to blue light (electronic devices, LED lighting etc.) and UVA and UVB rays.

4 treatments in one kit for accurate product measurements and maximum profitability. Particularly effective facial for urban dwellers. With the accompanying at-home skincare, this range offers convenient upselling opportunities. This product is only available to Anesi Stockists. Don't worry! We have a range of stockist kits available to get you started. Click HERE to see our kits and see all Anesi products.