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Top Tips for Maximising Your Profits

25 Apr 2024
Top Tips for Maximising Your Profits

Do you use any of these top tips for helping your business become more profitable?


Up Selling!

Not all of us are natural salespeople so make sure to focus on the products that really mesh well with the treatment you’re offering. Depileve is an example of a great brand that has a strong aftercare range that is simple to offer to clients at the end of their session. Many of their products fall within specific ranges making it simple to pinpoint the best product to upsell.


Showcase your retail range!

Don’t forget to keep your retail products on display! Having easily accessible retail products help your customers to see what’s available and offers the potential for them to see other products they might enjoy that isn’t specifically related to the treatment they are receiving that day.


Invest in your machines!

If you’ve been getting on well with your Apilus Junior 3G, maybe it’s time to consider the Senior 3G. Upgrading your technology can increase your treatment options, offer more effective and comfortable treatments, and reduce treatment times, all helping your business to grow and become more profitable. Investing in new technology is also a great time to reconsider your treatment menu and check your prices reflect your improved machine quality.


Treatment Prices!

Almost every small business owner is guilty of underselling their products and skills. Whether this is simply charging too little or not increasing prices with inflation, small changes in your pricing can make all the difference. It’s hard to raise prices but it’s important to consider your product costs, bills, and time invested in developing your skillset.


Every business is different, but these top tips are great to consider implementing into your salon! What do you already use? Add your favourite tips in the comments!