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New To Roller Wax? No Problem!

9 May 2024
New To Roller Wax? No Problem!

Whether you’re new to roller wax or a seasoned pro, this guide to Depileve’s roll-on wax ranges will help you choose the best wax for your clients.

Roll-on or Roller Wax is a fantastic strip wax option. You apply the wax directly onto the skin with cost-effective and recyclable cartridges. Much like traditional strip wax, a strip is applied to remove the wax and hair.



Why Choose Roller?

  • With the ability to apply thin layers of wax, very little is wasted, making roller a very cost-effective option.
  • Hygienic
  • Mess and fuss-free!
  • Rollers help you apply the wax smoothly and quickly, making waxing sessions shorter.
  • It allows you to quickly wax large areas, such as the legs or back.
  • Depileve’s innovative cartridge warmer features an insulated holder that keeps the wax warm for up to 20 minutes when not attached to the heater base. This allows you to utilise the roller to its full potential by applying wax to large areas without having to reheat your cartridge. Offering a smoother waxing session for both you and your client.




Depileve and Roller Wax

There are a huge variety of high quality roller waxes to suit all skin types and budgets.

There are 3 main roller wax options with Depileve; Rosin, NG, and Roll & Go.

What’s The Difference?

  • Rosin waxes contain a traditional pine resin base as the main ingredient, plus beeswax.
  • NG waxes are formulated with a new-generation blend of rosin derivatives and microcrystalline waxes.
  • When every penny counts, Roll & Go is our budget-friendly line of bio-based waxes enriched with mineral oil.
  • Plus, the Crystal Marine Rosin Free Wax. Which features purely mineral resins, for clients with an intolerance tocolophony.

NG and Rosin waxes have different melting points, so be sure to consider this when choosing the best option for your clients. Combining these waxes with Depileve’s pre and post-care products, you can create a waxing experience perfect for each individual client.

All of Depileve’s roller waxes of all types are 100ml and can be swapped in and out of the heaters with ease. Not only do they come with fixed heads already attached, with a Duo Cartridge Heater you can have 2 waxes on the go AND keep them warm for up to 20 minutes when not in the heater dock. Plus you can connect either a single and duo heater or two singles together, broadening your wax options. Click HERE to see our full range of roller waxes, and HERE to see all Depileve products.