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2024 Summer Nail Trends You Don’t Want To Miss!

9 May 2024
2024 Summer Nail Trends You Don’t Want To Miss!

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get pampered for our holidays! We have compiled a list of the most popular nail trends that clients are desperate to get in 2024. We all know that Y2K is the new “retro” look on the scene (how is this “retro”, wasn’t 2005 a couple of years ago?!). From Gen Z styles to classic favourites, find out what’s up and coming for this summer.


  1. Lavender is back in business. The 2000’s saw the height of funky bright colours, remember Groovy Chick, The Powerpuff Girls, and butterfly hair clips? Bold baby colours are all the rage.
  2. A classic style that is growing even more thanks to the Y2K revolution is the French Manicure. Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff would never be seen without their polished French Manicure!
  3. Let’s not forget the French Manicure with a twist! Switching up the tip for a fun colour or series of colours adds a subtle pop of personal expression.
  4. Marble and organic swirls are a quiet underdog that have been popping up left right and centre! A good pop of colour mixed with a pale complimentary shade gives a beautiful effect and endless colour combination possibilities for your clients to choose from.
  5. Geometric patterns can hugely range in complexity but are always incredibly effective. Honeycomb designs, intersected triangles, angled crossing lines, all are proving to be popular this year. Depending on the client these can be as minimalist or colourful as they like. The possibilities are endless!


To help you create incredible designs and options, Aviva ProGel is here for you! With an enormous range of colours, nail art gel, and accessories, you can get everything you need to offer these fun trends and so much more.