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  • CF42 Purifying Face Mask 30Gm Sachet

CF42 Purifying Face Mask 30Gm Sachet

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For Oily, Combination Skin, especially Teenage Skin.


This mask contains Marine Sediments which cleanse the skin by absorbing the sebum and impurities. The purifying action is amplified by  essential oils


Salt from The Dead Sea which gently rebalances & revitalises thanks to its unequalled content in minerals, and trace elements. This one is

approximately 8 times superior than other salts of Marine Origin. Thanks to the strong concentration of water in the mask which marries perfectly with the skin, there is a phenomenon osmosis which provokes the transfer of water loaded in mineral salts and trace elements of the mask towards the skin



Products Needed:



  • Eye Make Up Remover (CA03)
  • Cleansing Milk (CA02. CA31)
  • Toning Lotion (CA05. CA32)
  • Scrub Cream (CA06) or Exfoliating Gel with Fruit Acids (CA37)
  • 1 Sachet of Purifying Mask with Dead Sea Salt (CF42)
  • Skin Care Cream with Grapefruit Seed Extract (CC07)

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