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  •  Skinmate Collagen Skin Relax A4

Skinmate Collagen Skin Relax A4

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For Mature and Devitalised Skin Types

The latest studies show that skin ageing accelerates when tissues form an excess of unstable oxygen molecules, kn'free radicals'.  These radicals then attack the cell membranes, collagen and elastin proteins, and the genetic materials

located at the core of every cell.  The casuse of free radicals:- sunlight, smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet etc

Vitamin C is required throughout the body in the construction of connective tissue.  Due to these competeing demands , it is sensible to direct Vitamin C to those local areas which are in particular need of care and revitalisation of prematurely ageing, tired skin.  In case of hyperpigmentation too (e.g. liver spots) or irregular complexion Collagen Vital C has a balancing effect and leaves the skin in glowing, smooth condition.









  • Protects the skin against premature ageing
  • Proven ability to smooth fine lines on the skin
  • Ensures a smooth, even complexion by gently tightening the skin
  • Long lasting effect  via biomodulation of the active ingredient

Collagen Skin Rejuvenation can be used as a one-off treatment, because after one application there can be immediate visible results, however to ensure long-lasting success, the treatment should be applied at regular intervals.

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