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  •  4 Motor Electric Couch 3 Section (SkinMate Elite)
  •  4 Motor Electric Couch 3 Section (SkinMate Elite)
  •  4 Motor Electric Couch 3 Section (SkinMate Elite)
  •  4 Motor Electric Couch 3 Section (SkinMate Elite)

4 Motor Electric Couch 3 Section (SkinMate Elite)

Item Available To Trade Customers Only.

Price: £1,345.00


A functional design providing the performance you expect for treatment success, allowing access from every angle.

·         Infinitely adjustable to ensure that therapist stature is not compromised and correct working posture is guaranteed.

·         The simple elegance of the contoured cushions give a greater work surface and increased client comfort.

·         Articulating, infinitely adjustable backrest for maximum comfort and access, finished with 7.5cm deep luxury upholstery.

·         Tilt adjustment for comfortable knees up positioning.

·         Twin headrest features, one that is long and rounded, used for the chair position, massage and body treatments. The other is short and contoured for facial work and specialised procedures.

·         Small base frame foot print will give maximum leg and knee room with the additional benefit of remaining exceptionally sturdy and stable without losing flexibility.

·         Effortless, silent lift height adjustment that descends low enough for wheelchair transfer.

·         A superior performance couch that gives universal flexibility.

·         Abrasion resistant upholstery that is hard wearing, also providing the benefit of low surface friction.

·         Unique foldaway, reversible armrests, that become part of the upholstery when not in use.

·         Vertical action footrest that moves freely into the frame, to allow the use of foot spas and Pedinett trays.

·         The couch is finished with a durable, powder coated, scratch proof frame with locking castors for ease of movement.

·         A removable extension cushion is also available to increase the overall length of the couch for treating male or taller clients.

3 Year Guarantee on Electric motors.

 Each couch is specially made to order.  Please verify delivery times (approx 2 - 6 weeks).

Dimensions:- 183 x 63 x 58/95cm high

Inclusive FREE features: (worth £205 + VAT) • Delivery to U.K. mainland (normally £50) FREE • Breather hole and plug (normally £35) FREE • 7.5cm thick upholstery (normally £45) FREE • Locking wheels (normally £55) FREE • Paper roll holder (normally £20) FREE • Choice of colours (see chart) FREE Other colours available + £25

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