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  •  Mandelic Acid 45% 30ml +50ml Neutraliser

Mandelic Acid 45% 30ml +50ml Neutraliser

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Suitable for ageing skin, wrinkles and spots, the active ingredients of mandelic acid break the intra-cellular links, stimulate collagen synthesis and activate cell regeneration.They form a bacteriostatic action that normalises stained, oily and acneic skins. Inhibit the synthesis of melanin and help to renew damaged skins by the sun. The mandelic acid is suitable for sensitive and dark skin.

Recommend for:
Blemishes, Ageing skin, Hyperpigmentation, Oily skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid extracted from almonds.

Application method:
Apply the Mandelic Acid with a brush and let it work for 1 minute.
 Note: More time of application depends on professional evaluation.

4 - 6 sessions. 1 session / 21 days.

Suitable for sensitive and dark skin, stimulates Collagen synthesis and activates cell regeneration, PH2.

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