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The House of Famuir are extremely excited about our new range, MC Cosmetics.

Opening intro deal – includes 1 day FREE TRAINING*

A bespoke programme designed to teach you to successfully and safely provide advanced aesthetic procedures to your client.

Opening Intro Deal -

2 x SM5001 - Cleansing Milk 200ml                         
20 x SM5051 – Moisturising Mask
2 x SM5002 - Facial Toner 200ml
4 x Packets of Ampoules of your choice (61-64 in our catalogue)
2 x SM5054 - Saly_cylic Acid 10%
1 x SM5037 - Prof Serum
2 x SM5003 - Moist Cream 50ml
2 x Packets of fusion cocktails of your choice (catalogue page 66)
2 x SM5004 - Total Sun block 50ml
2 x Dermal Rollers size of your choice (catalogue page 68)
1 x SM5052 - Magic Champagne (5)
1 x CM02 Gauze squares
1 x SM5010 - Salicylic Acid 20%
1 x Fan Brush
1 x SM5043 - Azalaic Acid 25%
1 x MC Cosmetics Therapist Tunic F.O.C
1 x SM5045 - Glycolic Acid 30%
1 x MC Cosmetics Towel F.O.C
12 x SM5053 - Hydrogel Mask
5 x Retail bags F.O.C

NOTE: Therapists qualified to NVQ level 3 and above, or equivalent qualification required to enrol on our MC Cosmetics 1 day training course. Book your training today call 01480 404200 or at     

Thanks to virtual Mesotherapy, clients can now take advantage of safe and pain free treatments, using these advanced skincare products, combined with the most effective transdermal delivery systems to provide the benefit of traditional Mesotherapy but with a non-invasive, painless and safe treatment without side effects and instant results.

Furthermore, it permits creative treatments for each client to provide effective and customised solutions for Cosmetic problems of both the Face and Body, such as Ageing Skin, Localised Fat, Skin Spots, Hair Loss, Flaccid Skin, Cellulite or Stretch Marks….
The application methods of these systems on the skin cause the cell membrane micro-pores to open temporarily, which allows the active ingredients to enter via the epidermis and to be directly absorbed by the body. These are safe and harmless techniques for the skin, which allow the transport of specific products via the use of Dermal-Rollers, Galvanic currents, Ultrasound, Electroporation, Cryo-Electrophoresis and Vacuum Therapy.